Deecee Anne is the owner of The Diamond paintbrush. A self taught artist from London, who works in many different mediums she dominantly works in oil paints currently painting oversized diamonds onto canvas to give the viewer an in-depth look into the precious stones and get lost in there many facets. Deecee is an artist based in Essex and has currently been painting diamonds in oil paints on canvas for the past 6-8 months. The Artist was inspired after making several trips to Hatton gardens jewellery quarter, and started painting and drawing diamonds and being influenced by many diamond jewellers. The more she learnt the more she became fascinated with the diamonds stating that each diamond is as unique as a fingerprint. Each one is different, being made up of tiny facets, angles, shapes, shades and dimensions to create one beautiful eye catching piece.

Collaborating with jewellers worldwide the artist uses these diamonds and jewellery as references for her paintings.

Deecee has sold artwork worldwide from London, to the middle east and she will be attending exhibitions this year (2018) in las vegas (June) and London (september).